Tricky Wicker

One step ahead, then convert it to reverse
I’m trying to navigate, these minefields and icebergs
Sticky twists and turns, causing burns

When your weaving this tricky wicker
It’s an intricate form of pressure


Another foot imprint, on mother earth
I feel like i’m in a maze, of barbed wire walls and dirt
Take the hurt and learn, your luck may turn

When your weaving this tricky wicker
and it just keeps getting thicker
It’s choking out my fingers


Musicians and Production

Music and Lyrics by Mike Cormier

Mike Cormier - vocals, rhythm guitar as well as harmonies
Nick Zubeck - bass, piano, lapsteel guitar and production

Recorded at Arthur North Recording in Guelph, Ontario

Mastered at Trillium Sound in Montreal, Quebec
Contact: Richard Addison -