I'm Home

I look out my window up our quarter mile drive
All I see is green for miles on either side
A beautiful row of trees that reach towards the sky
It makes me sad to see that some of them have died

The three foot hay that gently sways
has carved out pathways from where the dogs have played
I’ve really got a perfect view
From, up here in my room
I’m Home…

About a mile off in the distance
There it lays the 401
I’ve seen concrete and highways
Ever since I’ve been young
Then sometimes the sun hits the clouds
Just the right way
Then through my eyes, I find peace
For the rest of the day…

I’m Home, I’m Home,
Ya I am home for good
I’m Home, I’m Home
Ya I am home for good


Musicians and Production

Music & Lyrics written by Mike Cormier

Mike Cormier - vocals and acoustic guitar
Tim Milani - drums
Nick Zubeck - bass, lead guitar, production
Mike Leavoy - harmonies

Recorded at Arthur North Recording in Guelph, Ontario

Mastered at Trillium Sound in Montreal, Quebec
Contact: Richard Addison - info@trilliumsound.com