For Whom It May Concern

Since the day that you’ve been gone
I see your face, everywhere i turn
I’m just like everybody else
You’ve gotta deal with it yourself
And it hurts, oh how it hurts

Since the day that you’ve been gone
I see your trace, all across this place
No matter where i point my view
It’s just a backdrop for my memories of you
And i won’t forget

Since the day that you’ve been gone
Not a day has passed, without a thought of you
That’s the truth, i wish that i could hold you
Yes i do
‘Cause i miss you

It was a long road...
And you travelled it well
Goodbye my friend...
I wish you farewell
Ya i wish you farewell
And i hope your not alone out there
Don’t you know we miss you down here
And would you please take care...

Musicians and Production

Music and Lyrics by Mike Cormier

Mike Cormier - vocals, guitar
Nick Zubeck - lead guitar, bass, Rhodes and production

Recorded at Arthur North Recording in Guelph, Ontario

Mastered at Trillium Sound in Montreal, Quebec
Contact: Richard Addison -