A Moment In Time

I think back to the days
When we had spare time
We’d drive for hours just to watch the flames
Work never entered our minds

Now  it’s hard just to find the time
It’s passing by at the speed of light
Have your people contact mine
We’ll do lunch sometime

We will share, a moment in time

Priorities change and rearrange
Nothing ever stays the same
Oh well, what can I say
There’s a lack of hours in the day

We will share, a moment in time
It’s good to see you again, rain or shine

Every now and then our paths will cross
When we’re together, we are never lost
Let me tell you one thing, if I might
You can call me, day or night

We will share, a moment in time
It’s good to hear your voice, on the line
Good friend of mine

Musicians and Production

Music and Lyrics by Mike Cormier

Mike Cormier - vocals and rhythm guitar
Bruce Arbuckle - bass, rhythm and lead guitar as well as harmonies
Tim Milani - drums
Ian Graham - keyboards as well as producing

Recorded at Small Dog Studios in Kitchener, Ontario
Contact: Ian Graham - eyerhyme@gmail.com

Mastered at Trillium Sound in Montreal, Quebec
Contact: Richard Addison - info@trilliumsound.com