Low-Key Hobby is an original music mission started by Mike Cormier in 2009. I've been writing songs since the mid 90's while being inspired by several different genres and collaborations such as Alternative, Grunge, Rock, Metal, Blues, Rap, Singer songwriter, Pop etc. Since the beginning I have continuously been striving towards properly recording my music, that's my dream above all else. I've also always known that I would need some help, so along with Tim Milani and Bruce Arbuckle we began recording at Small Dog Studio's in Kitchener, Ont. Canada with Ian Graham in 2012. Currently we also work with Nick Zubeck from Arthur North Recording in Guelph, Ont. Canada. Two studios are better than one and endless fun! We have and still do enlist the mojo from many amazing players as we need them. Low-Key Hobby is a small core group with an evolving cast of KILLERS!

Throughout this endeavour I've been blessed to work with an ever growing list of extremely gifted musicians including Tim Milani, Bruce Arbuckle, Ian Graham, Nick Zubeck, Darren Milani, Greg P Brandt, Jesse Felice, Mona Wilkes, Jess Marren, Caitlin Bergauer, Jeff Hicks, Mike Leavoy, Robin Habermehl, Frank Koren and Richard Addison (Mastering). They give me their opinions and lend me their talents, for that I am forever grateful!

To all the people who have heard our music and felt something genuine from it, good, bad, mad or sad, a little of this or that… we just hope you keep coming back! Thank you so much for that!

If this is your first visit, you have choices… maybe you want to "bang your head" or perhaps something quiet instead? We believe we have something for everyone and every mood, Diamonds in the rough, you just have to dig em' up!

Please visit often. If you have any comments, questions stories or suggestions we would be very interested to hear your opinions. Till then…

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